The LEAD Project

“The best decision anyone can ever make, at any point in life, in any circumstances, whoever they are, wherever they are, is to become a disciple of Jesus Christ.”
       —Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby

“‘Follow me’. These two simple words of invitation and command stand at the head of every relationship with Jesus, the Son of God. . . . .To follow Jesus of Nazareth into his cosmic reign is simply the most challenging, the most beautiful, the most costly, the most rewarding journey we could ever choose to begin.”
     –Archbishop Moon Hing of SE Asia

The world-wide Anglican Communion, which comprises about 80 million members, is engaging in a Decade of Intentional Discipleship. This ‘call’ came from the Anglican Consultative Council and is whole-heartedly supported by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Our Synod of Bishops and Provincial Synod have tasked GtC with serving our Province through this initiative, which is based on our understanding of discipleship as expounded on page 434 of the Prayer Book.

The LEAD Project
To provide training and resources for the decade of intentional discipleship, GtC created the LEAD ProjectLeadership for Evangelism and Discipleship. The main elements of LEAD are the following:

  • Establishing GtC teams in each of the 28 dioceses.
  • Partnering with whose ecumenical ministry specializes in discipleship teaching and training—a partnership that already stretches over nine years. works in thirty countries across Africa.
  • Preparing five regional–Mozambique, Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Eastern Cape and the Western Cape–faculty teams that will assist us with training our diocesan GtC teams in our 28 dioceses. They also will assist with training archdeaconry and parish small-group leaders. The faculty team being trained in southern Mozambique will be responsible for the training in northern Mozambique and Angola. The training will be conducted in Portuguese.
  • Emphasising the creation of small groups in parishes, which will be a key element in discipleship training.

For more information, please contact the Revd Dr Johann van der Bijl at GtC: 021 763 1315 or