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  • Intentional Discipleship and Discipleship-making: An Anglican Guide to Christian Life and Formation
  • Stewardship Programme, Book 1: a Way of Life
  • Stewardship Programme, Book 2: Empowered by Grace

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About the Author : Zama Dlamini


Zama Mtshali- Dlamini is a Christian evangelist, faith teacher and a workshop facilitator. She is dedicated in serving and expanding God’s kingdom through biblical teachings, preaching and healing ministry. She is an accredited facilitator who is passionate about women and youth ministry. Her buzz word is transformation. Over and above her speaking engagements in various church conferences and religious gatherings, she conducts retreats. She is a PhD candidate specializing in gender and religion with the University of KwaZulu-Natal.  She is a published author of a Christian series titled, I am enough in Christ. She brings a wealth of skills, expertise and experience, pulling her background from government departments in areas such as Psychology, education, media, culture and communication. She translates spiritual insights into everyday language empowering individuals to transform their lives – empowering them as they search for meaning, identity, purpose, and hope. She is the visionary founder of Destined Impact Communications which focuses on personal transformation and leadership training.  She is married and blessed with 4 children aged 11, 10 and 8.

Zama has a rare talent for easily connecting with audiences and workshop participants, creating feelings of trust and integrity. Zama regularly speaks to a wide array of audiences, conference agendas and churches. She stimulates thoughtful conversation on identity, parenting, dating, inner beauty, purpose, marriage, inner healing, spiritual warfare, overcoming, living victoriously and pursuing destinies. She motivates and inspires – always leaving her clients and audiences empowered with the tools of transformation and excellence!

Resources written by Zama

I am enough in Christ

I am enough in Christ for women

I am enough in Christ for men

Grounded kids, teens and youth in Christ

To invite her as an itinerant preacher/speaker, retreat conductor and workshop facilitator

You can contact her on 082432 9917