Youth & Student Alpha

Is there a God? Who is Jesus? Is there such a thing as sin?

Whether you are a seeker or a seasoned Christian, these are all questions we have asked along our journey of faith. The Alpha course offers youth and students a safe and fun space to explore these topics and many more.

Because we believe in the effectiveness of Alpha to explore the Christian faith, we are happy to promote the course as one of our key elements, in regards to young people’s spiritual development.

Youth Alpha
This course is 8-10 weeks long with the Holy Spirit Weekend/Day falling between the sixth and seventh sessions. The talks can be given live, using “TalkBuilder,” a free online tool to help you build the perfect talk, or can be done through free downloadable videos. The Youth Alpha video series has been such a success that Youth Alpha is coming out with a new version that has a more global appeal. This version will be available in October 2017. Get a sneak peek.

Student Alpha
Student Alpha contains the same material and the Holy Spirit Weekend/Day as the regular Alpha course; but in order to meet the needs of today’s busy students, it has been condensed into a seven-week course. The talks are shorter (30 minutes) and can be done live or through free downloadable videos.