Rooted in Jesus Junior

Fondly known as ‘Junior,’ this version of Rooted in Jesus is for young people aged 8-14 years old; although for most of our context, it is best suited for children aged 8-12.* Junior is designed for Sunday school, Junior Church or for after-school programmes. Junior is a one-year course, and the teaching method and course material operate on the way children learn best–activity, conversation, imagination and consistent revision of the material. The aim of Rooted in Jesus Junior is to nurture and encourage children to be the people God has called them to be, to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ and to play an active role today in the church.

As with the adult course, people who want to lead Rooted in Jesus Junior groups have to be trained. To find out about the structure and requirements of training events, please download this information sheet. Since Junior deals with the same topics covered in the adult version of Rooted in Jesus, the course is most effective when taught by people who are in or who have completed the adult course.

* A Note about Rooted in Jesus Junior and Rooted in Jesus for Adults. Which one is best for your group?

“Based on our training conferences and from the feedback I have received from the parishes, I think for most of our context, Rooted in Jesus (the original programme for adults) is best suited for youth aged 13 and up; and Rooted in Jesus Junior is best suited for children aged 8-12. Each church is different and needs to make the decision itself, regarding which version of the Rooted in Jesus programme it should use for its young people. For example, if your 12-14 year-olds are slow in maturing, Junior may work well for them. If your 12-14 year-olds are mature, they might find parts of Junior juvenile and would find more beneficial the adult Rooted in Jesus programme. Furthermore, Rooted in Jesus Junior may work well for your seven-year-olds, depending on their maturity. To help you decide on which Rooted in Jesus programme would best suit your children/ youth, please compare sample sessions of Junior and Rooted in Jesus for adults or give me a call.”

–Nicole Curtis, GtC’s Rooted in Jesus Junior Coordinator

> Visit Rooted in Jesus Junior to find out more about this discipleship course for children.

Download a sample session of Rooted in Jesus Junior.

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> Nicole Curtis, Rooted in Jesus Junior Coordinator of South Africa, gives a talk about Rooted in Jesus Junior at Anglicans Ablaze 2014