The God Who Is There

‘The God Who Is There’ (TGWIT) is a small-group discipleship course inspired by the highly-successful Rooted in Jesus program. TGWIT consists of three books—Beyond Ourselves, Shining Like Stars, and The New Community—and is suited for urban, fast-paced, hectic lives. Based on the conviction that discipleship is not about what we know but about whom we are becoming, TGWIT helps group members to explore faith together, learning how to apply it to their daily lives.

The three books may be used consecutively or independently. Each book contains 10 sessions and fun practical spiritual exercises. To find out more about the course, please visit the Mathetes Trust, the parent company of TGWIT or download a copy of the flyer.

Upcoming Trainings

If you would like to request training for The God Who Is There, please contact contact Estelle Adams at GtC: +27 21 763 1315.