GtC has always believed in the importance of discipleship; it is the foundation of all our other ministries. However, over the next few years, we will be placing a special focus on discipleship. The Anglican Communion has called for a Decade of Intentional Discipleship, and GtC is more than happy to support our Province in this initiative. To find out more about this initiative and about the discipleship training that is available for you, please visit our LEAD Project.

Small Group Resources
Small groups are the best place for people to grow as disciples. To help facilitate this growth, we promote three small-group resources.

Rooted in Jesus (links to RinJ page, which is a dropdown under discipleship)
Rooted in Jesus is a discipleship course for Christians living in Africa. It is a two-year programme. Rooted in Jesus Junior is for children aged 8-14 and is perfect for confirmation or Sunday school; it is a one-year course. Depending on the maturity of your children, the adult course may work better for your children aged 12 and up with the ‘Junior’ version appealing to children aged 8-12.

The God Who Is There (links to TGWIT page, which is a dropdown under discipleship)
The God Who Is There is very similar to Rooted in Jesus but has been developed for a more urban context and for use in other parts of the world.

RENEW Africa: Gathered as God’s Family (links to the official Renew page; this is not a dropdown under discipleship, only a link)
RENEW Africa: Gathered as God’s Family is a totally new RENEW process based in Africa, created by Africans and responding to the needs and issues of the church of Africa. It consists of five six-week “seasons.” Developed by the Roman Catholic Church, “Renew Africa” but is widely used in Anglican circles.

Other Materials

This discipleship manual is a 12-part bible study for small groups or individuals. It was compiled by the Anglican Communion’s International Task Team who are responsible for promoting and resourcing  the world-wide roll out of discipleship across the Anglican Communion. Printed copies can be obtained from GtC office or you can download the file by clicking HERE