The Lay-Witness Course

Our basic training is called the Lay-Witness Course, and it has been designed to prepare participants to engage as small teams in “Witness Weekends” in parishes or dioceses that request a mission outreach. The weekend may include outreach in homes, outdoor venues, local institutions, businesses or schools. Our focus is to train people in the hosting parish; the team trains parishioners in various aspects of ministry—not only teaching them how to engage in ministry but showing them how. The Witness Weekend often involves preaching, the sharing of testimonies, and the use of the arts, such as dance, drama and music.

Teams are already operative in the dioceses of Mthatha, George, Natal, and Christ the King, among others. These dioceses alone have set goals collectively to engage in a staggering 142 Lay-Witness Weekends. The Diocese of Mthatha recently reported that they have planted 40 new congregations since 2010! The bottom-line of the Lay-Witness Course is to move folk out of the pews and in to mission and evangelism engagement in their communities. And we also teach them how to have fun while they are at it!


The Alpha Course

Each year, we assist more and more churches to use this helpful evangelism tool. GtC, working along with our ecumenical partners, have formed a network of more than 60 churches to work in concert, using the Alpha course, for a major evangelistic thrust in the Western Cape. In September 2010, when the network was formed and the Alpha Course was offered in the city of Cape Town, a staggering 4500 people signed up to do the course! If you drove around Cape Town, you would have seen billboards inviting the whole city to do Alpha at one of the sixty churches offering the course. Three years down the road, this Alpha initiative continues to spread around Cape Town and other South African cities.


Back to Church Sunday

Back to Church Sunday (BTCS) is now the single largest local-church invitational initiative in the world. It is based on the simplest concept of evangelism—inviting someone we already know to our church.  While the initial focus was to invite ‘back’ those who used to attend church, others who do not attend are also invited, gently encouraged and warmly welcomed. Thus, this special day could also be called “Invitation Sunday”.


Vision and Mission Exposure Trips

We have organised visits and missions in Singapore, Malaysia, Nigeria (Jos), New Zealand and Australia—most of these in collaboration with SOMA.