Ekklesia is an institute located within the Department of Practical Theology at Stellenbosch University. Besides offering short courses in areas, such as liturgy and worship, they also offer an MTh degree and a Postgraduate Diploma in Ministry Practice. These courses are academically well-grounded but strongly focussed on the practice of ministry. Full-time academics and experienced ministers offer the courses, addressing themes, such as leadership, missionary ministries, spirituality and congregational culture. With the help of The Revd Dr Jim Harris, Dean of Studies for the Diocese of Cape Town, GtC has developed strong ties with Ekklesia.


The Global Leadership Summit

The Global Leadership Summit runs annually as a partnership with the Willow Creek Association of Christian Churches. We have had up to 300 Anglicans attend in one year, including some of our bishops. The GLS takes place in 14 cities in southern Africa. Most years, GtC is able to partner with GLS to offer a special discounted rate for Anglicans in ACSA.