There are some questions that cannot be answered by Google!"

Question to ask yourself: How is my church communicating with its congregants? Is my church using the technology of the day to communicate more effectively?

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Don't worry! We can help you! The purpose of GtC's IT & Media Ministry is to serve the dioceses and parishes of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa. In our quest to help you communicate more effectively, we offer technical support and training in the areas of Information Technology (IT), website design and hosting, and social media. 

We want every parish and diocese in ACSA to have a smart and inviting presence on the web!


Here's some free advise: Never buy an HP laptop!

Their after sales service leaves much to be desired!
When buying hardware check what after sales you will get in and out of warrantee. The big brands are mostly the same, even with the same components so what counts is: what happens if something goes wrong? Do they keep spares in the country?

IT and Web

Web Hosting

GtC has its own Internet service facility, which allows us to host your website and e-mail accounts in a professionally managed server environment. Having our own server allows us to offer you cost-saving measures without sacrificing the level of service offered by top Internet Service Providers.


Website Design

Need a new website? Let us create it for you! Using a template called “Mojo Portal,” a user-friendly system that makes it easy for you to maintain your website, we can have a new website ready for you in two Content/ Designweeks. It takes four easy steps:

  1. We set up your website or transfer the old one, handling all the technical stuff for you.
  2. We develop, with your assistance, different colour combinations and the header to complement your parish’s identity.
  3. After the website "skeleton" has been created, we invite you to add the “muscles and skin”—the content and pictures, ensuring that the website has the look and feel you desire.
  4. Then we teach you how to maintain your website. At this time, you can set up through the control panel your e-mail addresses or we can do it for you.

Click Here for our online manual which you can download.

 Having a new website is that easy!

We already have a website and don't want a new one. What then? Even if your parish has invested heavily in its website, we are there to help you with your website needs; so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Microsoft Info

As a provider of Microsoft and Adobe software, the IT and Media team can provide parishes, dioceses and organisations within ACSA, Microsoft Office Professional 2013 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Outlook), a package that normally retails for R5000, for ONLY R650! Contact us for more details or to place an order.


My Anglican

My AnglicanMy Anglican is a secure database and communication portal for Anglicans in the Anglican Church of Southern Africa and beyond. Produced and maintained by Growing the Church, My Anglican provides a recordkeeping system and events management for Anglican churches, dioceses, and organisations and, through its communication portal, helps to facilitate communication among Anglicans. Sign up today!

There are five sections to My Anglican.

Personal Portal for individual parishioners or congregants of a church


  • View and update your personal details
  • Add your partner and children
  • View and update your children’s details
  • View the roles you hold at your parish
  • Access your church directory and view your church’s details
  • Monitor your giving to the church (under construction)
  • Store your bank details for reimbursements from your church
  • Advertise your business (under construction)
  • Advertise job opportunities (under construction)
  • Advertise yourself for employment (under construction)
  • Register for events and monitor your booking


Church Portal for churches


  • Maintain a secure parish roll
  • See an overview of your parish’s demographics
  • Add and update church members’ details
  • Assign parishioners to small groups, pastoral areas, congregations or other groups in your church (under construction)
  • View list of parishioners by their suburbs
  • Record church service attendance and giving (under construction)
  • View upcoming birthdays (sixty days in advance)
  • Retrieve members’ usernames and passwords upon the member’s request
  • Add baptism, dedication and confirmation records
  • Update and maintain list of church staff
  • Update and maintain church’s contact details and service times
  • E-mail church members (under construction)


Diocesan Portal for dioceses


  • See an overview of the diocese’s demographics
  • Easily search for churches or parishioners in your diocese
  • Update and maintain list of archdeaconries
  • Update and maintain list of clergy and lay-leaders in the diocese and archdeaconries
  • Update and maintain list of diocesan staffE-mail members (under construction)


Organisation Portal for organisations, such as guilds, retired clergy and widows, institutions


  • See an overview of the organisation’s demographics
  • Manage list of members • View upcoming birthdays of members (sixty days in advance)
  • Securely record members’ bank details for online payment
  • E-mail members (under construction)


Events Portal  for event management (under construction)


  • See an overview of your event
  • Use as registration for the event
  • Securely track and monitor payments for the event
  • Track the financial progression of your event



Contact person and leader of the IT & Media Ministry:

Michael KunzMichael Künz

+27 21 763 1315






*People Globe and Content/Design images: Courtesy of jscreationzs, digitalart/ 


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